Welcome to Park-A-Pup Kennels


Where dogs can be dogs!

At Park-A-Pup we believe that our pets are more than just friendly companions- they are a part of the family. So, when life calls for long hours at the office or that much needed vacation, Park-A-Pup becomes the "home-away-from-home".

Our facilities are equipped with an experienced veterinarian technician, indoor-outdoor facilities, and large outdoor play-areas. We provide day-care, extended stay boarding, bathing and other health care grooming services.

Conveniently located off of Highway 101 with flexible hours for walk-ins and special appointments outside of regular hours, Park-A-Pup make it easy to fit in a stop with your demanding schedule.

While your pets are with us at Park-A-Pup they receive loving care with the added benefit of a trained medical eye, and providing you the peace of mind that they are in the great hands of our trusted staff and secure facilities.